Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yellow Thermos wip

Still tweaking this.
I was trying to get this finished a week ago for the yellow challenge over on but (in my true fashion) I don't work fast enough. Even with fast drying Walnut Alkyd (LUV THAT STUFF!)
Made the best pancakes this morning. Yogurt, oat bran, egg whites, mashed banana.... HAHA, my husband just randomly said "Good pancakes!" from the kitchen. 
Cheers all! Will post the final soon. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Touching Base

Hi all. Just thought I'd touch base.
So, my 91 year old mother-in-law was seriously hurting - her back - and my oldest went to live with her to make sure she didn't fall or anything. But Grandma (AKA the energizer bunny) thought she would just make it to the restroom herself and, of course, fell. So we've had long days in ER, and the Hospital, and now, a convalescence hospital. But she is recovering nicely. She has a mind like a steel trap and like I said just keeps going and going and going...... We should all be so lucky to be of sound mind, if not body when we're 91. She tells the greatest stories about WW2 and being a enlisted nurse stationed in India.
Anywhoo, I washed the sheets on the bed and threw the down comforter on the ground and then decided I needed to practice drawing folds and such. So there you have it. Folds and such.
Pencil and charcoal on that Canson paper I like so much.
Cheers all. May your days NOT be filled with visits to the ER.
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