Sunday, October 14, 2012

Melanie in charcoal

My youngest daughter had photography class in high school with her friend and I always liked this picture she took of Melanie.  She was very sweet girl and, as you can probably tell, very long and lanky and angular. They don't see each other any more but I think I'd like to call Melanie up and see if she would like to have my drawing of her. Unfortunately it was done on newsprint - ugh, not a fan - but oh well.
Should I work up the background? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Cheers all!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Model - Charcoal

Hi all! Its always an interesting emotional challenge to post your failures as well as what you (I, that is) consider successful. 
So I am taking a drawing class taught by Chris Armstrong at the same location where Tony Pro and Ryan Wurmser teach, where Warren Chang and Jeremy Lipking have taught.  
I have felt the need to be in a world of like-minded people (other than you distant like-minded people) for a while and needed get in better touch with my focus and discipline. I think I am making progress. The bottom pic is my first attempt with the actual photo of the model on left. The single is my second attempt with some direction from Chris. He is a very kind and patient instructor. There are errors on my second that - always! - jump out at me when I post them. The most glaring is that her eye is slightly too far to the right and slopes downward. And I dropped the corner of the mouth down. BUT at least it looks quite a bit more like her than the first attempt. Moving forward - that's my goal. 
Cheers all! And God's peace to you.
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