Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More randomness (Franco, Statues & Nudes)

 Hi. I cannot believe I haven't posted a thing since earlier this month! Time flies. Anywhoo, this first bit of scratching is supposed to look like James Franco, although I see I "pooched" out his mouth a bit. (I like when I see my work on the computer because it takes it out of my element and I see things differently. Usually the errors are glaring! That left eye is bugging me too! (his left) 
Some statues - 
and some nudes (these from magazine clippings - not life) Trying for that "roundness" quality. Ok, been painting and hope to post that soon. cheers and God's peace. ks

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pastel Fruit and other assorted ramblings including Anthony Waichulis

Buzy buzy buzy! But thought I'd just check in with some randomness.
So, I recently purchased Anthony Waichulis' Drawing Clinic First Steps - which is designed to help his new incoming students tackle the first skills he gives them.  I am believing he must lose a lot of students due to the constraints he first imposes so I think doing this beforehand would help - but as a DVD I wanted a bit more. The exercises are called pressure tests/skills and he makes his students do hundreds of them before moving on. I first saw his hyperrealism pencil drawings a few years back and just about fell over.  So incredible.! 
(Eeek! I added a mouse to my block )
I also did some drapery/cloth studies and, randomly, a bit of barbwire  Gonna have to work on the cloth studies a bit more
And then some soft pastel fruit
Not really thrilled with the fruit..... I want more "zing" to them and the soft pastels just don't do for me.

Cheers from me to you!

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