Friday, September 9, 2016


Sometime ago, we went up to the Sierra mountains, which we do frequently. You grow to know the sites along the route and one of these was the battered Eat sign in the "town" of Pearsonville (believe me, it is not a town. More of a place for tumbleweeds to grow, rather than people)  On the way home, my husband decided to stop to take a photo of the Eat sign, sure that someone was going to take it someday. He was right. It is gone. There was nothing in its place for a while and then a new Eat sign was put up that is sadly lacking in the battered charm of the original. So I painted a portrait of the dilapidated old sign as I last saw it and remembered it. Farewell Eat sign. I hope someone is happily fed while gazing at your rusted words of encouragement.

Oil on canvas, 48x24", landscape. For sale (20% of the sale will be donated to
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