Wednesday, October 28, 2015

El Paso

Phew. What a long hot summer.
We worked so hard cleaning out my mother in laws house, getting it ready to sell. We really busted our chops. And then we finished up a front yard improvement. I'm glad to be done with both of those things.
So in order to reinvigorate myself back to painting, I took out something I had signed as completed back in 2007 and touched up some things that had long bothered me. I do remember I was inspired by the painter Andy Thomas who does really fun western scenes in his paintings. Bucking broncos, saloon fights, dangerous card games, that sort of thing. And when I revisited this, I thought of the Marty Robbins song, El Paso, thus the title.
Also I signed up for a class with Lynn Gertenbach over at LAAFA. She is very sweet and loves her grays. I always have to remind myself to mix up purplish grays, so it will be good for me.
Looking forward to catching up with this end of the world.
Cheers all.
16x20", oil on canvas, figurative  Available
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