Friday, July 13, 2012

Raspberry Seduction

This was actually done - as done as I think I'm done with it - about two weeks ago. But my husband and I went with friends on a small trip to June Lake for the holiday. (Fireworks at Bridgeport, a trip to Bodie, talking and reading...and eating, oh man, eating at the Convict Lake lodge! Thank heaven I could run every day I was up there.) That and other assorted things and I've looked at this and just didn't want to put a brush to it again. So its done.
Oil on canvas 8x10
post note: :)
LOL! Well judging from the reaction over on deviantart, I'd say I guess it certainly appears suggestive. Snapdragon warned me which is why I titled it thus. In reality it was only a glass of wine and soda with ice, topped off with raspberries. haha
Cheers all!
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