Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Listed

Even though the temperature is soaring, it kinda feels like the edge of autumn to me. 
Anywhoo, I had "girls night" over here the other day and got some very positive remarks from my friends when they spied this on the easel. One of them said when she retired she wanted to take up painting. That felt "too late" to me. I'm scrambling to learn as much as I can now. For example: Manufacturers of pigments use the word hue e.g. 'Cadmium Yellow (hue)' to indicate that the original pigmentation ingredient, often toxic, has been replaced by safer (or cheaper) alternatives whilst retaining the hue of the original. Replacements are often used for chromiumcadmium and alizarin.
 I was unhappy with a tube of cadmium yellow paint that (sure enough) read (hue) on its label.
Hm. Buyer beware (or at least be knowledgeable.) Again with the yellow!
Oil painting on board 8x8" Available for sale at my Etsy shop. 

Cheers all!
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