Monday, April 22, 2013

Yello-Shea in

Sometimes when you've got lemons... or yellow...
I spooshed out a lot of yellow paint a week or so back. As I'm staring at this pile o'paint, I'm thinking "Okay, what to do with this?" Paint the usual suspects?  And then I remembered when my oldest had been playing nonstop with the pictures on the computer that she had taken of herself, her sister and various friends - Shea included.  Can you say "Saturation?"
And so, we have Shea. I just love Shea. She has a great laugh. I've known her since she was about five. She is all beautifully grown up now and, no, she is not normally yellow and, yes, they are all still close friends. I hope she'll be OK with this. It was a tough angle. A tad too much that way and she looked like the wicked witch of the west. I think it was good practice to paint it "outside of the box" so to speak, but the better test would be to paint from an un-doctored photo and try to judge the values.
I had to check.
Ok, it was fun. I'm gonna to post this on dailypaintworks "Friend" challenge since it was done within the allotted time even though Shea is actually my daughter's friend. I haven't turned any of my friends yellow. At least, not on purpose. 
Cheers all. Hope you're well and good.
Oil on canvas 8x10

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lemon up

I had to force myself to s l o w d o w n on this one.
      I wasn't happy with it at first and now I like it better.
For sale on
Oil on canvas 8x10
Cheers all. Hope you are thawing out.

Credit for a wonderful photo by a fellow who goes by samygpunkt on deviantart

Friday, April 5, 2013

Strawberry Ice

I will not rant.
I will not rant
I will not rant
I had to go back and reread the recent post on muddycolorsblogspot about 10 Things...Word List that Greg Manchess (brilliant artist!) wrote about "rehearsing" to be an artist. He is so right. It doesn't just happen, right?  
And I would love to send this off to someone who is willing to make a donation to Children's Hospital or the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I know a family whose second oldest child was down to 20% lung capacity. 20%! Things were looking very grim for him and lots of prayers were being said. He was in the hospital nonstop for close to a year. Then word came through that donor lungs had been found. Donor lungs. A double lung transplant. 
That hit me when Mrs. Farrell, who taught his younger brothers and sister for sixth grade, discussed it with her current class and one of the kids made the connection...out loud... that that meant someone else had lost a loved one. So to see church...on Palm Sunday...was...incredible. He looks great and his mom looks like she's aged a million years. I may get incredible discouraged by mine sometimes like I'm sure most mothers do at one point or another, but they're healthy (knock wood.) 

So if any of you would like to have this in exchange for a tax deductible donation, please contact me to discuss.

Now back to work....and make time for it! 5x7 Oil on canvas panel 
Happy Spring all!  Karen :)
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