Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lemon up

I had to force myself to s l o w d o w n on this one.
      I wasn't happy with it at first and now I like it better.
For sale on
Oil on canvas 8x10
Cheers all. Hope you are thawing out.

Credit for a wonderful photo by a fellow who goes by samygpunkt on deviantart


  1. Fantastic Karen,love how you painted the drops and slice of lemon looks so fresh!!
    We are definitley thawing out,thanks Karen! : )

  2. Fantastic job ! These drops of lemon being squeezed out are awesome and the lemon looks so real...really had to take a close look :-)

  3. Love it Karen! I'm working on a lime this week, but will be challenged to get the transparency you achieved. :)

  4. Yes this looks like it took some time and patience, but it paid off! I know how things can grow on you over time and I'm glad you like it now - you should, it's awesome!


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