Monday, April 22, 2013

Yello-Shea in

Sometimes when you've got lemons... or yellow...
I spooshed out a lot of yellow paint a week or so back. As I'm staring at this pile o'paint, I'm thinking "Okay, what to do with this?" Paint the usual suspects?  And then I remembered when my oldest had been playing nonstop with the pictures on the computer that she had taken of herself, her sister and various friends - Shea included.  Can you say "Saturation?"
And so, we have Shea. I just love Shea. She has a great laugh. I've known her since she was about five. She is all beautifully grown up now and, no, she is not normally yellow and, yes, they are all still close friends. I hope she'll be OK with this. It was a tough angle. A tad too much that way and she looked like the wicked witch of the west. I think it was good practice to paint it "outside of the box" so to speak, but the better test would be to paint from an un-doctored photo and try to judge the values.
I had to check.
Ok, it was fun. I'm gonna to post this on dailypaintworks "Friend" challenge since it was done within the allotted time even though Shea is actually my daughter's friend. I haven't turned any of my friends yellow. At least, not on purpose. 
Cheers all. Hope you're well and good.
Oil on canvas 8x10


  1. WOW !! I love the contemporary feel to this portrait!! Painting outside the box has been definitely successful!

    1. Oh you! You are so sweet! (I don't know how I would feel if someone painted me yellow!)

  2. Yellow or not, this is a great portrait !

  3. This really pops! Love how the denim jacket now stands out. Very cool.

  4. Hi Karen, interesting work, I like the shades of combination that can have these colors, great work congratulations, a little hard facial profile but great result, thank you also for visiting and comment on my blog, I send greetings you have a nice day .....

  5. i love the yellow in this, beautifully done! love her expression!


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