Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I see you taking a long walk

"I see you taking a long walk..."

Hi all and Merry All!
Here's my little actor again - off to get his fortune read.
Charcoal (and more pencil on this than the last one) on the Canson paper I like so much.

I've decided to learn a bit of Photoshop (HA!) so I can add some color to this and yet not color it with anything permanent. That should take a hour or so to learn, right? hahahahah (Someday..... I'll post the results)

Cheers and God's Blessing on you and yours!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! (now pinky swear!)


Monday, December 12, 2011

Capt. Jack Dog Sparrow (The Actor)

So my little friend here just had to show off as his fav pirate: CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow - so I let him.
Charcoal/ White charcoal (w/ a touch of pencil and carbon) on that Canson paper that I love so much. I am experimenting with putting this on a few sites like Redbubble to see if I get any hits and if I do I am gonna donate 20% to charity. Let's see if I am successful in this endeavor, hm, shall we? Next he goes off to visit.... you'll just have to check back to see!

( I had a blast doing this! Who doesn't want to dress up as Capt. Jack? And if you want to see a wonderful oil painting self-protrait dress up check out Victor Grasso's The Picaroo. CM-Soma-Grasso,-The-Picaroo.jpg

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Actor

I wish I could paint the way I draw - I want more detail and I find myself often struggling with paint - like my hands won't cooperate with my brain. Yet when I draw I am in comtrolll,.... er, comtrol,... wait..... oh yeah, OK, Got it!  control.
So, anywhoo.
Part One: (Does that mean there is more to come? Why, yes, it does. He is standing in the wings!)

The Actor - The head-shot.

Charcoal (touch of pencil and carbon 9x12) on Canson paper. (I love that paper company! They make the nicest products)

(Note to Azra: You touch my heart, dear one. Thank you for your long distance grace and sweetness across the pond. And I talked about Tango in my Carrot study.)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snap Dragonz

My, it's been a while, hasn't it?
This is a "tribute" to my "snap dragon."
Went to see Pittsburgh, PA for our Thanksgiving holiday because my husband is there working for a while. Never thought I'd see Pittsburgh, but it is a nice town. A mix of old and new, laid out nicely, and so we were told many times, "More bridges than Venice, Italy." Who knew?  Well, they did.
I didn't think traveling would be pleasant but it was surprising easy. Who knew? Well, I found out.
Ok, so I realized I had a bottle of Snap Dragon wine and decided to paint it. But when I roughed out the label I saw two other dragons and decided they asked to be there so I put them in. (Snap Dragon herself saw them and commented on them so it wasn't just me.) Learned a lot from this. Definitely learned why realists paint on hard board. Or at the very least, on really high grade smooth canvas glued to hard board. Live and Learn. Oil 4 x12

(Sad note: Tango; AKA Lonely Horse is gone. I just sobbed and sobbed.)
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