Friday, December 9, 2011

The Actor

I wish I could paint the way I draw - I want more detail and I find myself often struggling with paint - like my hands won't cooperate with my brain. Yet when I draw I am in comtrolll,.... er, comtrol,... wait..... oh yeah, OK, Got it!  control.
So, anywhoo.
Part One: (Does that mean there is more to come? Why, yes, it does. He is standing in the wings!)

The Actor - The head-shot.

Charcoal (touch of pencil and carbon 9x12) on Canson paper. (I love that paper company! They make the nicest products)

(Note to Azra: You touch my heart, dear one. Thank you for your long distance grace and sweetness across the pond. And I talked about Tango in my Carrot study.)


  1. Beautifully done Karen!! You can paint beautifully too only paint translates differently to pencil.
    So sorry about Tango!! I felt exactly the same about our neighbours cat called Steven when he was gone!
    You have been a lifeline at a time when I was in dire need so thankyou my dear friend. : )


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