Monday, December 12, 2011

Capt. Jack Dog Sparrow (The Actor)

So my little friend here just had to show off as his fav pirate: CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow - so I let him.
Charcoal/ White charcoal (w/ a touch of pencil and carbon) on that Canson paper that I love so much. I am experimenting with putting this on a few sites like Redbubble to see if I get any hits and if I do I am gonna donate 20% to charity. Let's see if I am successful in this endeavor, hm, shall we? Next he goes off to visit.... you'll just have to check back to see!

( I had a blast doing this! Who doesn't want to dress up as Capt. Jack? And if you want to see a wonderful oil painting self-protrait dress up check out Victor Grasso's The Picaroo. CM-Soma-Grasso,-The-Picaroo.jpg


  1. Fantastic Karen!! I love the hair,what a fun look!! Good luck with the Redbubble venture. : )

  2. Karen this is great! Fun, whimsical and a little bit weird - I love it! Very well drawn, too. I am sure it will get lots of attention.


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