Friday, August 10, 2012

Lamb and Kid

I drew this for our neighbors for their granddaughters. They are wonderful people, much older than us (at least he is muuuch older - married that younger woman, ooh la la). He had given me a magazine he gets and there were two separate pictures in there I combined. Re-uploaded this. Tweaked the daffodils a bit more but the paper cannot take much more. Overall pleased with it and decided not to rant.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Not her type

My, that Traveling Chicken is a cute gal. She really made an impression of my little friend here.  He quickly offered her a Tsingtao beer, but she said she preferred the South of the Border type (from what I've read in more ways than just her beer selection.) They agreed to let me paint them together - acrylic on watercolor paper - while they chatted. I must say he got all wound up for her, but she was kind and let him down easy. So now she and her "troop" are nearly packed up and ready to fly off to Sandy Sandy. I do hope in the future she'll come back for a return visit. We could go to Malibu beach, Disneyland,  Hollywood, Beverly Hills......
I forgot to add her blog:  She is always looking for new places to roost.
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