Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Friend or Foe

So this is the painting I finished at the workshop I recently attended led by Carlo Russo who is a phenomenal painter. I really cannot say enough good things about his work. And he was a very patient and helpful instructor. If you are interested in painting still life and get a chance, attend one of his workshops.
Overall, for the class I attended it was a great bunch of people. No egos, just people eager to learn. However, a student in the class rolled in with a brand new plein air paint box - truly state of the art - the whole rig was great - and completely untouched. Ok, fine. You want to have the best at your fingertips.... Then the student disregarded just about everything he had just gone over in his demo, his leanings toward how he instructed and why, and what materials he would prefer for us to use during his workshop.
Workshop etiquette is paramount.
You can fool around on your own at home.
Ok, enough of me ranting.

I just finished reading a Terry Pratchett book, I shall Wear Midnight. He has such clever quips.

"‘Actually, I quite like the guarding.’ He reached down and pulled a book out of his breastplate, which in fact could have accommodated a small library, and went on, ‘There’s plenty of time for reading if you keep out of sight, and the metaphysics is quite interesting as well.’
Tiffany blinked. ‘I think you just lost me there, Preston.’
‘Really?’ said the boy. ‘Well, for example, when I’m on night duty and somebody comes to the gate, I have to say “Who goes there, friend or foe?” To which, of course, the correct answer is “Yes”.’

Cheers all,
Oil on linen, 11x14", still life  NFS

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Hope you're well.
Doing well here.
Just recently finished a three day workshop that was super, so, hopefully, I (and you) will see an improvement in my painting from that and my ongoing classes that I attend. I don't think I'll even be done learning. (I'll blather on about the workshop when I post my painting.)

Oil painting on wood panel, 8x8", still life - Available for sale

Cheers all and God's easy peaceful feeling

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