Monday, November 1, 2010

Dia de los muertos

Well, if I was smart....
I would have..... remembered the source of this inspiration before I got so carried away I nearly completed it without changing anything....THEN I changed the flowers.  So they CAN'T SUE ME!
 (Dummy. Me, not you.)
 if you want to see the original  - so beautiful - just GOOGLE dia de los muertos and it pops up, because it is so popular.  Something Hawaiian whateverrerrer.
The other thing, dumb, is THAT I DRAW TOO FRECKKING BIG and then I have to try to merge the scans and that never looks good.
Peace and Happiness.
Postscript (I always waned to add that) I goggled it and it wasn't the first thing to pop up. HUH. Oh weel... search it if you want.

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