Sunday, November 4, 2012

Respect the 'stache (Gustave Courbet; the Desperate Man)

Gustave Courbet. The Desperate Man. (See, Eileen, I can spell) 
His self portrait and one of my favorite paintings. 
So close! Dang it! but just the slightest nuances and the whole thing shifts - his nose, as I ever seem to do - is dropped down a touch to far and that dropped his mouth down. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Had a blast drawing him. Charcoal on newsprint.
I am hoping and praying for those affected by Sandy. I hope you are all recovering. Rooting around for something to donate to the dailypaintworks Hurricane Sandy fundraiser

God's peace, Karen


  1. Hi Karen,your work is fabulous and looking more polished everytime I see a new piece!!

  2. I too admire this painting by Gustave and you are the first person I have known who really likes it as much as I do. What a great job you have done...I mean REALLY great job.

  3. Excellent portrait, incredibly similar to the original !


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