Friday, January 3, 2014

Bits and Pieces

So I've decided to post my previous classes worth of work over the course of a few days because the new semester is going to start. Some are better than others and I feel these two fall in the not so great category. I had sketched the blond previously and while very sweet, she twitched a lot. (I hope she never reads this, but facially she moved quite a bit.) She was week #3 and I have her facial features down so much better than week #2. (I've already posted week #1 in black and white)

This brunette was week #2 and Mark was rushing me to put color down. I really am a person who wants to get my drawing element correct first beforehand and he did finally understand that quality in me. I really, really did enjoy his class but I'm torn as I want to experience some of the other teachers they have there (before they lose them to their own studios.)
Oil on canvas board, 12x16", figurative
If anybody wants to buy these, give me a shout. They won't be expensive.


  1. They both look good Karen! I took a few portrait classes (intense) and now I have a lot of painting of strangers - my kids tell me my paintings are creepy.

  2. Great skin tones and expressions! I would not know where to even start! I would say go at your own pace and don't be rushed, we had a national portrait competition recently that was televised and the winner spent a good 80% of his time getting the drawing perfected.


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