Friday, August 22, 2014

If not for you my sky would fall

I really enjoyed painting this, but I was torn between posting it or tweaking it a tad more. There is just something about seeing it in different light, on the computer, etc, etc. I decided it was better to move on.

Hope your world is bright.

Oil on paint board, 8x10", landscape, nfs


  1. Sometimes the painting tells you you're done. and this is lovely. great composition with the birds in just the right spot. beautifully done.

    and thank you for your kind words, i appreciate them so much.

  2. I also always find flaws in my paintings when I see them on the computer even though they looked perfect a minute before. But this one looks great to me , love the dramatic clouds and all the colors you put into them ...and the birds add so much to the feeling of distance.

  3. Love the clouds, a mixture of dark and light, the birds and trees provide a dramatic contrast!! I can't see any faults Karen, a lovely job!


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