Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lamp and Tile

Hi and hello,
I've been working a few large pieces and that's my excuse for not posting for a whole month! (This is not one of those large ones. It is only 11x14.) I finished this at the end of summer and was holding back on it to see if it all "gelled." As I was painting it, I did wish I had made the lamp a tad larger but I'm pleased with the end result. I didn't even have the actual tile I put in here. I printed it off an auction site and cut that out and put it behind the actual lamp in my set up. Sneaky!

On an unhappy note: They decided to close down the CalArtInst in Westlake, CA where I've been taking lessons. I'm really sad to not have a close class to go to now. There are some fine options around to be sure, but none so close and convenient. So many artists have come out of there who do such stunning work. I do so wish I could have attended class taught by Glen Orbik. Grumble....

Ok. Hope autumn is treating you well.

Oil on canvas. 11x14" Still life. Available


  1. Hi Karen, I love this piece!! Beautifully painted and the content is full of mystery and a whole story in itself. I know how you feel about your classes, I used be part of an acrylic class and the tutor is now physically unable to continue ( long sad story involving spine) I so miss that time with fellow artists.
    Autumn here is magnificent, crisp cool mornings, leafs flying everywhere, colours are just gorgeous. xxx

  2. Thank you Azra! I know you'll be inspired to paint some fall landscapes. Hugs across the pond!

  3. I couldn't help thinking of the spirit coming out from the lamp :-) Beautifully painted, you really get the feel of the material the lamp is made from. Have a nice week.

    1. Thank you Jane. And I hope the same to you as well! Happy painting!


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