Monday, June 15, 2015

Olive oil and a pear

I was told to take the pear and paint its portrait so thank you, Reem, for the lovely pear. It made a nice compliment to the olive oil and I enjoyed painting this.
Oil on canvas, 8x10", still life

Also, I don't know how I missed this but watercolor artist Steve Hanks has passed away. I and so many others have admired his amazing skin tones and skill. His work was sensuous, at times I found some of his paintings a tad lascivious but always, always beautifully done. I grieve that we won't have any more of his stunning art. Pinterest is a good place to see a great deal of his work.

And perhaps some of you can help me: My blog loads so slow on the sidebar. The main page loads rather quickly, but for me at least, it just lags when loading the sidebar. I've reduced the number of posts and also the number of sidebar people I watch but I really enjoy seeing the newest that others post so I don't want to reduce it more than what it is currently. I'm wondering if there might be something I'm missing. Any clues?



  1. Love it! No one does still life better than you :)

  2. A great still life, full of life. Especially the bottle and the shine, just beautiful !

  3. Beautiful harmony of colours and that bottle of oil, the translucency is amazing!!! Steve Hanks, I will have to look him up. The slow sidebar, sorry don't know why that is happening. Last week all my followers list disappeared for several days and I couldn't get into my blog at all to update anything. It just seemed to right itself in time??

    1. Thank you. I know, the little glitches are strange, aren't they? I guess I'll just tinker now and then and see if it clears up.


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