Friday, April 29, 2011

Green Shoulders

So this is really a 12x12 canvas (scanned and cropped) and I had intended to do the ten minute studies on it. BUT I set down the groceries and placed the fresh bananas on the counter and the next thing I knew I was about four hours into this painting. SNAP! Just like that. What happened to all the painting ideas bouncing around inside my head? (Oh, believe me, they are still rattling around in there...)
I am not sure if compositionally-wise this works - mostly because the uppermost banana leads the eye off the canvas ( but I still like it)

And then - as my Grandfather would say - "They ate that."
oil on canvas 12x12


  1. I love this Karen! The colours are harmonious and the bananas are just perfect.The scan is so clear even in close up.


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