Sunday, May 1, 2011


My first attempt for the Paint And Draw Together: Challenge 19 - Red-winged Blackbird  (Thank you, Azra, for inadvertently alerting me to this blog - rubs hands together in glee! I am so enjoying challenges!)
Done on a canvas panel 8x10 that had been previously used as a pallet. I sanded it all down to a relatively smooth surface (thus the rough look here) and then jumped in. The darkest portions were done with quinacridone red and cobalt blue with a touch of burnt umber.  Alla prima in about three - four hours. Really had fun with this! (Took a photo and after it is really dry, I may scan it to see if it I get a better image)
Oil on canvas panel 8x10


  1. This is fantastic Karen! The bird is gorgeous and I love the shades of the background.These challenges are so much fun,but this weeks dpw one has finally got me stumped ! I really don't fancy doing a self about you?

  2. Thank you (as always). I KNOW! Self portrait?!!! I think I JUST knew that was on chopping block. You do have that lovely photo of yourself with Jack to work

  3. Do you know thats a great idea,only I have a recuperating man to look after...don't men make the worst patients!!!!


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