Friday, June 24, 2011

End of the Last Day

So I started this back last year - in fact the first picture I took is dated July13 2010 - and now almost a year later I've returned to it.
The sky and sea have been glazed, her hat, hair and skin tone have been glazed and "mostly" finished.  But I'm not happy with the lower half of the painting. I feel like it just drops off the canvas. Even though I've toned the blanket behind her down I'm not liking the color of it. And I almost feel as if the two men looking off lead the eye off the canvas. I am seriously thinking about adding two inward looking characters. I'd appreciate comments and opinions. Thanks and cheers. ks

1 comment:

  1. Sorry Karen,I've been upto my eyeballs in flowers and cakes for a wedding.I love the atmosphere of this painting...its looks like the woman is showing off her beautiful figure and the man is trying to get up the courage to approach her.It tells a story and so beautifully painted too.


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