Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woman of Mystery final

Well, it's as final as I want it to be.
I've been so.... unenthusiastic.... bout everything. I've had to put my beloved 7 year old kitty down and it's torn me all up. That, in NO WAY COMPARES to seeing your beloved husband - Azra, are you listening? - in a hospital, but it has just been a capper to a couple months of "yuck." It happened so suddenly. sigh


  1. There's emotion in this drawing that I totally understand.We all have slumps and losing a pet is not a minor ordeal.Our neighbours lost their cat and we knew Steven so well that we felt the loss as well.Keep on going Karen,you're doing great!

  2. I'm having so much fun looking at your work. Your sketches are so neat, Karen. Thumbs up!


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