Friday, July 22, 2011

I Now Can Say No More

So I asked a very talented photographer I know over on deviantart if I could draw a self portrait she took of herself and she said yes. So here is my progress on it. I submitted it to the "Strokes of Genius" drawing art book contest (like I'm some kind of a genius!!) but no go on that. And I think I can see why it was rejected, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. Stop by her page to see the original and some of her other wonderful stuff. Cheers and love. ks (Oh, and I entitled it after a line from a song by Robbie Robertson - who was originally in "The Band" with Bob Dylan. Robbie decided to investigate his native american roots and then organized a whole album around different native american musicians from Canada all the way to Florida. Its called Music for the Native Americans and I listen to it at least once every couple of months.)
Michelle's page is


  1. Karen,you know for every contest there can only be one "winner",that does not mean that your entry does not have genius.This pencil drawing is AMAZING! It actually looks like a photograph,the shading is knockout and the eyes really pop.So my friend celebrate your talent and keep on doing what your doing and build on it.


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