Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Joseph Two Bulls

It is so funny, trying to capture a likeness of someone. Here, I have to say, I got sooooo close.... and yet its just off the mark. As though I caught the likeness of his brother instead of the man. When I look at it I think I can see my error.... I shifted the paper at some point. I had measured and measured and still....  hm...  Its always a learning lesson. So darn close!
On my favorite Canson Cagrain drawing paper. 11x14 just pencil HB 2b 6B
Based on an image from the 1900s of a Dakota Sioux

1 comment:

  1. Amazing Karen!! You've captured so many textures with a pencil!There's hair,skin,feathers,fur...wow.
    You've also captured such an intense look that says so much.


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