Saturday, August 27, 2011

Watercolor hotel

Been around but have been doing so much random heres and theres that its almost like I've been on a vacation - so I'll call it that.
Anywhoo, I started this about a week ago and "when I got back" I decided I was done with this. Just kinda lost interest. Straightened a few lines and pronounced it "DUN"!
watercolor on 300lb a mix of tube paint and pencils and that lovely paint brush I commented on before.
From a photo I took while on last year's vacation - a real vacation at that!

(Note to Azra: haahaha! If I find 7 people I'll join in! Thanks for including me in your list! You're the sweetest! :)


  1. I always find myself staring at architecture,its so fascinating!! This watercolour is amazing!! You've got the perspective spot on and all the lovely ornate details.Great job Karen!


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