Monday, October 31, 2011

Going to the dark side (they have cookies!)

So would you look at the date of this! 2009! I started another along the same theme, but I didn't finish it in time so you are gonna have to check back next October for that one. (My youngest and her boyfriend both gave it an early thumbs up) I also wish I had seen the dailypaintworks pumpkin challenge before today. I have a funny idea, but I think I've run out of time for that one too.
Well, happy halloween.! Gotta fly!
pencil on velum


  1. It does'nt matter when you drew this Karen,its great!! You're not too late for the pumpkin challenge so get going! : )

  2. You new post won't let me comment on it?? Your drawing is great Karen,especially the portrait in the middle.
    It is so awful about the suicides!! May God give them all peace at this terrible time.


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