Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fork (How exciting....)

Ya know how when you look at certain words too long, they sort of... fall apart. Fork. Fork? What a weird word (i before e...except after c    weird..... what?)
OK, I'm rambling again. Bought this lovely and a grapefruit spoon while on vacation and the moment I picked them up I knew I'd be drawing them.
So here's one.  Graphite and colored pencil on Bee paper (ugh, I don't like Bee paper - too soft.)
cheers and God's peace


  1. Love your humour Karen! This is a cute little drawing,I can just imagine your eyes lighting up when you clocked this.Ahh sweet.

  2. BTW where's my reply to the last email???

  3. I've been trying to comment on your pom painting and its still not working,so I thought I'd try this way.The colours are great Karen and the values are just right.I can just imagine this sweet painting gracing any wall.


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