Friday, February 24, 2012

Viewing the vines

We went wine tasting in Santa Barbara last summer (I tell you, I learned so much at the Firestone winery - I highly recommend it and it is just a stunning place) and when this woman pulled out her umbrella as the group toured the vines I snapped a picture of her. And knew right then I'd be painting her. I sure all of you have either done so or had wished you had a camera for something that just screamed "paint me!" So many visions lodged in my brain that I wished I had pictures of. I need to do some memory painting to purge them.

Post note: How very pleasant! This one is sold.

6x6 oil on canvas
Cheers and God's peace. Have a lovely weekend filled with art.


  1. Nice painting Karen. Love love love the grapevines. I can feel the moisture and coolness of the air. well done.

  2. A timeless piece Karen,I love the grapevines too !! The number of times I've missed a really great scene because I've forgotten my camera,it is very frustrating!

  3. The best paintings come when you really feel it and in this case you clearly did, so beautiful, and you painted the vines so well!

  4. Love it! You can feel the moisture. :)


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