Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Orleans Statue/Bust

So, when we were in New Orleans last last summer (that's two summers ago in my speak) we went to the Houmas House Plantation (a stunning place!) and I randomly snapped a picture of a beautiful bust in the interior that as I recall was the image "the first ? of ?" The first governor of Louisiana? The first mayor of New Orleans? I've searched on google using every thought trail I could think of and no luck. Sooo, if any of you know "What, Who, Why" please, please tell me!
Pencil on some annoying paper so I called it quits - We'll just chalk it up to nose/jaw/curl practice (He rather looked like Roger Daltrey, didn't he? At least that is my impression. Quite Handsome.)
Cheers all!


  1. A definite Roger look-a-like!! Its lovely to see you posting and your wit and humour is always uplifting. : )
    I can't help you with the who it was but you did a brilliant job with the drawing!

  2. Love the half finished look. He is quite handsome. Check out "A Day Not Wasted"...he posted his April Challenge - A bust.

  3. Wow gorgeous! (lol about Roger Daltrey and yes, he does :)
    I love that nose!!! Noses are so difficult. Super cool drawing - I can't say enough. Love it!

  4. Thanks you guys! You are all the sweetest! And Margie, i usually follow "A Day Not Wasted" but for some reason I hadn't! Will now!

  5. Wow, this is amazing! I will find out who this is and get back to you. Thanks for sharing it with us and the world!
    Jesse Lambert
    Houmas House Plantation

    1. Oh that is just thrilling! I can't wait to hear! Thanks so much!

  6. I agree on Roger Daltrey...greats ketch!


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