Monday, January 21, 2013

Coach Model and LA Art Show - Yeah!

See what I did. I dropped his left eye down slightly and that elongated his nose. Ever learning. At least I can see the mistakes now. Its funny, cause if I put my thumb up to block the whole view and just take in parts like the left eye to the the mouth (comparing) then they work. But its almost as if I inserted a wedge slice from the nose up, thereby widening his face. hmmm.  And Chris helped me see that I've been neglecting hard lines. Also he suggested that I blend the outer cheek out a bit into the space around it rather than stopping with a hard line. He's a wonderful teacher. I really enjoy his class.
Anywhoo, yeah! My friend Jaws and I are going on Friday to the LA Art show. (no, those are her initials, which is now actually Jawsp but that's just weird) (And no, she isn't a shark nor does she look like Jaws from James Bond- She is a very attractive blond) We've gone to the show three years now together and I've gone twice before on my own. Usually my favorite section of the show is always around the Acadia Gallery and if you take a took at Underpaintings (listed here as one of the blogs I follow) you'll see a taste of what they're going to display. I will tell you flat out that I'm pretty sure I will nearly fly past everything else just to see Matthew Cornell's work. I absolute love his nocturnes. But I know something else will stop me dead in my tracks and I'll just stand there with my mouth open. I'll drink it in and soak it up and get a tad depressed and then rally back, slapping myself around a bit (IT TAKES TEN YEARS TO REALLY MASTER SOMETHING....and there's always going to be someone who is a bit ahead of the curve.) I can't wait!
Cheers all and God's blessings!


  1. Oh I am so jealous you're going to that show! I hope you post about it. I'm impressed with this drawing and that you're honing your skills even further. You see flaws that I can't, but I will say, your version looks more intelligent somehow. :)

  2. Amazing drawing Karen!! I don't see any difference and how you made the difference in textures of hair,wool and fur is just stunning!

    Oh,how I love art shows! I hope you have a great time.

  3. The drawing is absolutely beautiful...and it is a drawing, not a photo ! Almost impossible not to have slight, but really slight differences. You are doing beautifully !

  4. Thank you for the kind words, you three Art Loving friends of mine! I'll report back about the show! Hugs across the pond!


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