Monday, January 28, 2013

Hay Bales in Setting Sun

Hello all!
The LA Art show was fun as usual, but crowded! We went on Saturday instead of Friday and paid the price (of crowds) for it. But we laughed our fool heads off and oohed and awed at various pieces. She likes really textural things and I like really smooth work but we came to an agreement over quite a few.  James Neil Hollingsworth had some represented and it was great to see them in person up close (not like in a museum where the guards shush you away). James' work is so "clean" if that makes sense. Absolutely love his work!
 I only saw one of Marina Dieul's pieces so maybe I missed more with the crowds.

And of course, the Arcadia Gallery at the LA Art Show  as discussed on was on my hit list. And I think I actually revisited Matthew Cornell's work again in my dreams! Like I clicked a camera and took a frame of it and then my brain absorbed it more slowly. I would link his blog but he hasn't posted to it for quite a while (sigh.) Its at the bottom of my fav list. No ocean work from him this time, just nocturnes of houses - which thrill me! Anywhoo, fun day overall - crowds or no. Nice to spend it with a long time friend, We may go to the Autry next week for the Western Show! I'll keep you posted!
Hay Bales
Oil on canvas 8x10
Cheers! Karen


  1. Hi Karen - this is a neat painting of the hay bales. You captured the light perfectly.
    Enjoyed reading about your trip with a friend to the exhibition. I think your different tastes would add a lot to any art outing because you tend to see it through each others eyes.

  2. What a great and unusual subject, love the shadow work !

  3. Great piece Karen. Fun read about your art expeditions! Keep us posted:)


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