Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tea in the Sahara

Hi and Hellooo out there,
I had saved this inspiration from a calendar eons ago and finally got around to it on a "repurposed canvas board." I had wanted to limit my pallet to five paint colors but I ended up with seven after deciding the purpley sand dunes needed more...purple. Purple is my friend. (I always have to tell myself that cause I forget about purple and how good it is.) The smaller version of it is all I could capture with the scanner and second full size one was taken outside in the shade. The colors are much more like the scanned one.
Enjoyed painting this. Oil on canvas board 11x14. So my little friend and I will now trip off through the sand dunes, listening to Sting sing about drinking tea in the Sahara.
Cheers. (My hero of the day is Angelina Jolie, but there are so many unsung heros in this world of ours.)


  1. This is wonderful Karen, love the colours,especially the purples!!
    Angelina Jolie is certainly a brave soul ,I agee!

  2. absolutely wonderful!! i love this, i love the palette, and the composition!

  3. Beautiful sand dunes Karen, I agree, purple is so useful! Great composition too!


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