Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hi and Hello,
I mentioned earlier my art classes had gone onto perspective and I absolutely needed to be dragged about by the ear to learn it...correctly. I have to say Chris (Armstrong) does a calm and relaxed job of teaching it. One of the first nights of class I threw my hands in the air and went home quite frustrated with myself, but from that point on it all made sense. I quite enjoyed drawing this, from a photo my husband took in Veracruz, Mexico.
Pencil, Prismacolor markers in cool and warms (those are fun!), touch of colored pencil and white charcoal on Canson paper, about 12x9

Revisiting the music of Queen. Freddie Mercury really did have a wonderful, wonderful singing range
Cheers all!
God's peace!
Postnote: I got a second place ribbon at CalArtisnt! Yeah! :)


  1. Hi Karen, I am so impressed with this amazing drawing!!! This is definitely my favourite so far, there is so much atmosphere and drama with this piece!
    Freddie mercury was great!

  2. What a great drawing Karen, and you got the perspective right :-)) ! Have a nice weekend.

  3. Wow, beautiful drawing Karen, perspective is so hard to get! You definitely got it in this drawing.

  4. I love this piece! Prismacolor marker and colored pencil? Hmmm, that's really inspiring me! I really like the way the walls have such character. And you nailed the perspective! Good Work!

  5. and yes you did get it and then some. this is a wonderful drawing, i love the depth and drawing...beautiful!


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