Saturday, July 6, 2013

Portrait of a Georgian Princess Study

 So this is my attempt at Portrait of a Georgian Princess by 


Drawn straight onto my gessoed board surface. I read an article by master-artist Daniel Greene from a few years back where he suggested making your own MDF panels. I bought some MDF at the hardware store, had my husband cut it up in smaller random pieces, wiped it down with mineral spirits, sanded it, coated it with gesso and sanded it down smooth again. Piece of cake! (Need to recheck about treating both sides. I'll get back to you on that. Though I suppose gesso the other side, then sealed with varnish would probably suffice.)

She looks like I beat her up here, poor thing. My goal is the one behind. 

This was actually shot upside down and I flipped it to post it. I really agree that painting upside down is a good way to trick the eye and brain. And Oh boy, the things that jump out at you when you really study something up close: SHE HAS ZOMBIE HANDS!  Well, they look like zombie hands. Take a closer look at her lower hand and the multi colored mottling. If I had hands like that, they'd say I needed to go to the doctor to have my circulatory system checked out. 

Now, I know I certainly wouldn't fool any museum conservators, but I am quite happy with how she turned out. And it was a better attempt and finish than the last one. Much closer to the mark, although mine looks not as young or as innocent. She was TOUGH!  I am reassured in that I recently read most painters would have a difficult time recreating their own masterpieces. And I had to scan this as I couldn't get a decent photo (see that oil glare in the photo above!) so unfortunately it appears , um, grainy.  
C&Cs welcome. (In true fashion, I think I dropped the nose down a tad too long.)
Oil on panel 8x10
Well, that's all I have to share. We went up to the Sierras for our Fourth of July. (So beautiful!) Hope you all had a good holiday, or a wonderful weekend, whichever applies. 
Cheers all and God's peace to you.


  1. Amazing, amazing copy Karen!! I am so impressed! Its funny how you see the faults and all I can see is a brilliant piece of work. So glad you had a great time. God's Peace. : )

  2. OUTSTANDING work Karen!! just so well done!!! Bravo! Bravo!!!

  3. This is excellent. You definitely captured the feeling. Love how you are not afraid of a challenge. Could be mistaken for a masterpiece. Moo

  4. That is an excellent study. Very impressive.

  5. Wowww - look at all the subtle colors in that skin! I bet you learn a lot from these copies - I think I'll copy you and do it myself some time! :) Well done - love it.


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