Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Who doesn't love Robby?

And now for something completely different....
How could Robby the Robot not make anyone smile? I had to snatch him back from the jaws of... I mean, from my daughter who oohed and awed over him and threatened to run off with him when he wasn't even finished.

(I have to say my classwork has helped me tremendously with form detail.)

This a scan which is closer to his colors, but it cut off his toes. (Not that Robby has toes....) Eventually I'm going to paint something on his sign. No, it's not a purse! Why would Robby carry a purse? He has a wallet. And a fanny pack. 

And here I am holding him close. He's not too big... about 8x12". Oil on board. 
All-righty then. To Infinity and Beyond!
Cheers all! Karen


  1. I love Robby!! I also admire the skill with which you drew Robby and the highlights! Cheers Karen for a true gem.

  2. Yay! I love robots - this one is awesome - even down to the retro background color! :) So great, well done!


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