Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Breakfast is served

Hi all,
Happy New Year.
This is the second to last painting I did for 2011. I am quite happy with it overall. (9x12 oil on canvas)

I love when I learn something that I already knew that I didn't know I knew (you know what I mean, don't you?)

From Robert Glenn’s Twice Weekly Letter from the Painter’s Keys site:
Artist: "You're boring me."
Painting: "I'm sorry."
Artist: "You're too fiddly."
Painting: "You could solidify me here with a dash of colour."
Artist: "Good idea. Also, that little thing is not standing in front of that other thing."
Painting: "That should be no trouble to fix."
Artist: "But you still look jumpy and out of whack."
Painting: "See what I'm like in black and white."
Artist: "And now you're lacking in warmth and colour surprise."
Painting: "What about giving me a swipe of really orange sunset behind everything?"
Artist: "Okay. I'll do it."
Painting: "I love it when you are so positive and just sock it to me."

And Artist Daily recommended shrinking the painting you are working on:
I don't mean literally shrink it, but if you take a photo of your painting and reduce it to thumbnail size and it still holds together compositionally, you've got a good piece on your hands.

 I smacked my head when I read both of these things yet I knew them, didn't I? Live and learn once again, eh?
Ok, be good and kind and God's peace


  1. WOW!!! This is amazing!! Absolutely good enough to eat!! You should definitely do more of these.

  2. This really makes your mouth water, wonderfully painted! Thanks for this lovely post, - had a few chuckles, too:-)) And Happy New year!

  3. Wow - I am really impressed by this one Karen. You did such a good job on the blueberries with their soft highlights, and also that you restrained yourself with color - not much blue to them, if any. But they read "blueberries" clear as a bell. Yummy paint! ♥


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