Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pansy wip and Donato Giancola's DVD

Hi all,
Wanted to do a real quick alla prima study and, of course, couldn't let it go at that. Just had to go back at it even though my subjects died. Didn't take a photo of them when I should have. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. So, I started this in the Jane Jones patented method (it's not really patented, I'm just goshin' wid ya) whereas Jane paints the entire background first, then blocks in the subject completely over that and if its bright flowers, she under-paints their area with white so the colors really pop.
OK, so that's my wip of my start.
More importantly, I'm so excited! I just purchased Donato Giancola's latest instructional DVD, the painting of Joan of Arc. I have long desired his DVD of "The Mechanic" but, quite honestly, couldn't find any reviews on it so I held off. This time around I figured its his second DVD, I believe its longer than the first, and I thought the price sounded reasonably - I paid $55 with tax and shipping. A splurge. He does realistic fantasy work and I remember seeing his painting of the stormy shipwreck, man and mermaid a few years back and just studying it for hours. So I've got my fingers crossed.
Post Note: If you are on the fence about buying Donato's DVD - DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND BUY IT! He is so charismatic and so informative. I found myself looking at the screen as if he was speaking to me alone. Amazing! I wish I lived close enough to partake in one of his real-life classes. I can't say enough good things!


  1. Hi Karen! Lovely to see you painting,this is so pretty! i love that blue and yellow combination.
    I hope the DVD works out to be a good investment!Let me know. : )

  2. Love the colors and great composition!

    1. Hi Karen, (there are so many artistic Karen's in this wonderful world of ours!) Thank you!

  3. You did lovely pansies even if they died before you finished. Beautiful colors and I love the background !

  4. hi! nice work here ^-^, do you have DA?


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