Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pansy Duo

I'm calling this finished (unless later on I decide it needs.... something. Hmm. We'll see.)

Went yesterday to the Los Angeles Art Show at the convention center with a friend. This is the third year we've gone together and we agreed this year was better than the last, although my fav year was the first year I went to four years ago.  That year I stood in front of Steven Skollar's HUGH robot painting and wondered if I'd ever be able to paint something as wonderful. It was about the coolest painting I've ever seen. If I ever become a multimillionaire I'm gonna track it down and hound the people who own it until they sell it to me. Then I'll have to expand a wall in order to have a place big enough to hang it on. Oh (hand over forehead), the trials and tribulations of the rich and not so famous.
Anywhoo, this year's show was filled with lovely pieces of deliciousness. To stand in front of pieces by Rob Liberace, Julio Reyes, Daniel Sprick, Daniel Adel, Ron Hicks, and Kate Sammons. Heaven! (Well, my idea of heaven!)
Cheers and God's peace,

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